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Pathogenesis of insulin resistance

  • bertjanpottervanloon schreef:

    Beautiful study.
    I have a Q though; in the ogtt graph the plasma MGO has its maximum at 60 min, just like the glucose; yet later in your presentation when you demonstrate the time frame of the increase in the different cells, it seems that there is a 1 hour delay and MGO is still increasing at t= 120; can you explain this ?

    • X. Zhang (Maastricht) schreef:

      Thank you for your question. We haven’t found an answer yet. I think the plasma MGO is possiblelly formed directly from exogenous glucose, or a release of MGO from endothelial cells, but not from immune cells.

  • schreef:

    Very nice work! Do you know what happens to intracellular MGO levels are activation of immune cells, for example by using LPS? And did you look at MGO levels in macrophages?

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