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Lifestyle interventions

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  1. 26 november 2020 bij 19:09- Antwoorden

    Nice presentation, thank you. What did you do in the weight maintenance phase? Was there some contact with subjects? How were they instructed? They all remain rather stable; do you prolong this period and examine them again?

    • I. Trouwborst (Maastricht) 26 november 2020 bij 20:22- Antwoorden

      Thank you for your question. During the weight maintenance phase, participants followed an ad libitum diet which was either high or low in protein and high or low in glycemic index or a control diet. Participants received either dietary instructions or dietary instructions plus free foods, depending on the center. The latter group could shop at an organized study shop where food products that matched their diet were provided.

      I think it would be very interesting to study these men and women in the longer term, especially when they do not receive any dietary guidance anymore. During this period, you would expect more weight regain and we would be able to see wether also the opposite of our finding are true – wether men also worsen more with regard to metabolic risk factor with weight regain as compared to women (per kg of weight change).

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