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Lifestyle interventions

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  1. 26 november 2020 bij 18:03- Antwoorden

    What is the mechanism behind this effect on fasting glucose and lowering of IHL content? Does this mean that this supplement may be used as medication?

    • Y.M.H. Bruls (Maastricht) 26 november 2020 bij 18:24- Antwoorden

      Thank you for your questions. The tendency towards a reduction in IHL content might be explained by a potentially increasing fat oxidation in the liver as well as the possibility that free carnitine can scavenge acyl-chains in the liver and export these as acylcarnitines to the blood. Studies investigating trans-organ acylcarnitine fluxes revealed that plasma acylcarnitines mainly reflect hepatic acylcarnitine export (Schooneman et al. ). In line, we reported elevated plasma concentrations of acetylcarnitine, medium- and long-chain acylcarnitines in the current study.
      The tendency towards lower plasma glucose levels is probably the result of the pronounced improvement in hepatic and peripheral insulin sensitivity because of which insulin-induced glucose uptake increases in tissues resulting in higher glucose uptake from the plasma into tissue resulting in lower plasma glucose levels. Therefore, adding carnitine supplementation to the conventional treatment of T2DM patients might be a good strategy to reduce hyperglycemia, highlighting the clinical relevance of carnitine supplementation

      • 26 november 2020 bij 19:10- Antwoorden

        OK, interesting, thank you!

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