Young NVDO meeting

Annual meeting of the young investigators of the Dutch Association for Diabetes Research (‘Jonge NVDO-bijeenkomst’)

Once yearly, this meeting is held in the Netherlands. Young investigators from the Netherlands and Belgium who participate in clinical, basic or epidemiological research related to diabetes are invited to submit an abstract. 12-16 participants usually attend the meeting and present their data. Two senior discussants and the other presenters provide feedback. An abstract may consist of (preliminary) data, a case report or a research proposal.

The next meeting will likely be held January 6th & 7th 2022

Abstracts may be sent in before November 15th 2021

Northern European Young Diabetologists (NEYD)

The annual meeting of North European Young Diabetologists (NEYD, formerly Anglo-Danish-Dutch- Diabetes-Group) will take place from Wednesday May 27th until May 29th 2022 in The Netherlands.

NEYD is a small friendly research meeting. The best 10 candidates from each of the UK, the Netherlands/Belgium and Denmark meet and get to present and discuss their work. More experienced researchers are on hand to guide and critique. At the end of the meeting one senior investigator will hold a state-of-the-art [hyphenated, streepjes toevoegen i.p.v. spaties] lecture, and two other senior investigators will have a debate on a controversial or challenging diabetes-related [hyphenated, streepje toevoegen] topic. In addition to the scientific program, each year a social activity (usually outdoors) is organized which additionally provides the opportunity to meet diabetes researchers from other countries in a relaxed environment.

In 2022 the meeting will be held in The Netherlands, under the flag of the Dutch Association for Diabetes Research. The costs to participate are approximately € 200,00 (including registration, hotel and meals).

The next meeting will likely be held in the Netherlands, May 18th-20th 2022

Abstracts may be sent in before March 1st 2022
NEYD meeting 2018 in Bergen aan Zee, The Netherlands
NEYD meeting 2019 in Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
Hybrid jNVDO/NEYD meeting 2021,
The Netherlands

Both meetings are part of the parent organization Dutch Association for Diabetes Research (NVDO) and financially supported by an unrestricted grant from Sanofi.

Guidelines for abstract submission

  • All abstracts have to be submitted in English
  • Submit your abstract as Word file Use Arial font, size 12, with single line spacing
  • The word limit has been set at 300 words, not including title, authors and the affiliations of the presenting and last author solely.
  • The use of one figure or one table is permitted, but will be counted as 50 words. Please send your figure or table in a separate file.
  • The abstract must be structured, use subheadings; e.g., background, methods, results, discussion/conclusion. For abstracts with research plans only subheading can be adjusted.
  • Begin each subsection as a new paragraph.


Cyril Landstra,
MSc (Hons)

Cyril is a medical doctor who has been working as a clinical PhD researcher in the field of diabetology, β-cell function and islet transplantation as part of the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) islet research group since November 2019, directly after obtaining her medical degree at the Amsterdam University Medical Center (location AMC). Her research mostly revolves around preserving, restoring and assessing β-cell function in both the setting of diabetes mellitus type 1, as well as in the setting of islet transplantation.

Dr. Mark Smits

Mark is in training at the Amsterdam University Medical Center (location VUmc) to become an internist-endocrinologist. He received his PhD for studying the cardiovascular and gastro-intestinal effects of GLP-1 receptor agonists in patients with type 2 diabetes (november 2017).