NVDO board

NVDO, founded in 1974, is a multidisciplinary association of (basic) scientists, medical doctors (GP’s, pediatricians, and internal medicine) and medical psychologists involved in or associated with diabetes research.

NVDO aims to support basic research towards type 2 diabetes and the implementation of recent scientific breakthroughs in clinical practice. Moreover, multidisciplinary exchange of knowledge and expertise is facilitated and promoted.

Dr. M.A. Engelse
Dr. M.A. EngelseChairman
Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum
Dr. H.L. Lutgers
Dr. H.L. LutgersTreasurer
Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden
Dr. M. Brom
Dr. M. BromSecretary
Radboudumc Nijmegen
Dr. T. van Bemmel
Dr. T. van BemmelMember
Gelre Ziekenhuis Apeldoorn
Dr. M.C.G.J. Brouwers
Dr. M.C.G.J. BrouwersMember
Maastricht Universitair Medisch Centrum
B. Özcan
B. ÖzcanMember
Erasmus MC Rotterdam
Dr. Ir. R. Stienstra
Dr. Ir. R. StienstraMember
Wageningen University
Radboudumc Nijmegen