Dr. F. Gerritzen-prijs

The dr. F. Gerritzen-award is an annual thesis award founded by SANOFI awarded to a researcher who recently defended his/her thesis on a topic related to diabetes mellitus.

The prize is a bronze token, the dr. F. Gerritzen-badge, a certificate and a €5.000,- cheque for the winner and €500,- for the other 2 nominees. In an award session during the Annual Dutch Diabetes Research Meeting, the 3 most highly ranked theses will be presented by the nominees.

About dr. F. Gerritzen

Dr. F. Gerritzen

Dr. F. Gerritzen is one of the founding fathers of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Suikerziekten (NVS, founded in1945), nowadays known as the Diabetes Vereniging Nederland (DVN). He served as the first secretary/treasurer to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) founded in 1949. The first scientific meeting of the IDF was organized under his supervision in Leiden, back in 1952. Being the medical advisor to the NVS, he organized promotional activities for societal acceptance of patients with diabetes.