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Best meeting abstracts, Cardiovascular function

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  1. 26 november 2020 bij 17:30- Antwoorden

    Congratulations on this nice study. Is the data all collected from electronic medical records or did you send out additional questionnaires? I am curious to read more about your study, is it already published?

    • Judithvanniel 26 november 2020 bij 17:37- Antwoorden

      The data are collected from a specific diabetes electronic medical records but we did an extra check in the hospital record and patient letters for data on diabetes diagnosis and MACE items.
      The study is recently submitted to Diabetic Medicin but not published yet.

  2. Adriaan Kooy 26 november 2020 bij 17:56- Antwoorden

    The group of South Asians is heterogeneous. The occurrence of MACE may differ be between (for instance) people from India and people from Indonesia. Which group might have the highest risk, and do you know which genetic background may play a role, looking at other studies?

    • Judithvanniel 26 november 2020 bij 18:06- Antwoorden

      Thank you for your question. However 92% of our Hindustani patients were from Suriname and only a small part from India or Pakistan.
      There has been one study indicating a genetic background in SA, but this does not differentiate between SA from India etc

  3. bertjanpottervanloon 26 november 2020 bij 18:22- Antwoorden

    Very elegant study ! And congrats on the large numbers; really significant !
    One question: I expect that in Den Haag there are a lot of Moroccan and Turkish subjects in your clinic being treated for DM; did you include them in the caucasian group ?

    • Judithvanniel 26 november 2020 bij 18:37- Antwoorden

      No, whe only included patients in de white Caucasian group patient from Dutch origin with both parents born in the Netherlands

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