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Cardiovascular function

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  1. Kristiaan Wouters 26 november 2020 bij 17:55- Antwoorden

    Interesting work! Is the expression from whole blood, including neutrophils?
    Were the participants fasted upon blood withdrawal?

  2. F. Sigit (Leiden) 26 november 2020 bij 17:57- Antwoorden

    Impressive study! Congratulations! Is this an ongoing study? It’ll be much more interesting if we can have more patients included in the analyses. I have two questions, though: (1) Do you also measure the visceral fat in the subjects? Because I saw that the Caucasian subjects actually have a higher BMI than the South Asians, it’ll be nice if you can also present their visceral fat content to show the BMI paradox. (2) As in your table it is presented that the South Asians had lower Cholesterol, can you break down the ratio of HDL and LDL? I think many studies have shown that Asians had lower HDL-C, and it’ll be nice if you can show whether this is/is not the case in your population. Thank you!

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