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  1. 26 november 2020 bij 19:13- Antwoorden

    Hi there, nice presentation and very interesting study! You mention that hypoglycaemia affects cognitive function in healthy people as well, but only the PASAT shows a difference between baseline and hypoglycemia in helathy people. Do you have an explanation or idea why this difference is not observed in the other tests?

    • C.E.M. Verhulst (Nijmegen) 26 november 2020 bij 19:42- Antwoorden

      Hi Korn, that’s an interesting question. I have not a clear explanation for this but only an idea ;). I think that healthy participants could be less affected by the hypogylcaemic event because their normal glucose level is maybe lower and therefor closer to the hypoglycaemic level compared to the glucose level of the participants with diabetes. But that’s worth to look into! I will look if the symptoms scores give any more information in how the participants experienced the hypoglycaemic level and also what their baseline glucose level was and if that different between the healthy and diabetic participants. Thank you!

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