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Beta cell function

  • C.W. Hoornenborg (Groningen) schreef:

    Hello Laura, thank you for your presentation.
    In your outcome, you have 3 patients with little improvement and 3 with large improvement.
    Is there also a difference in the effectiveness of bariatric surgery on obesity-related parameters in these two groups?
    Is it not strange that pre-operative the acute c-peptide response has such a difference in these two groups?

    • L.N. Deden (Arnhem) schreef:

      Weight loss results were similar for both groups after 1 year, mean total body weight loss was 26% in patients with large improvements and 29% in patients with little improvements. The difference in c-peptide response might be due a difference in beta cell function; with best function and preservation of functional beta cells in the group with large improvements. However, these are only preliminary results and we should further investigate relations between beta cel function parameters, exendin uptake and weight related outcomes.

      • C.W. Hoornenborg (Groningen) schreef:

        Thank you for your answer, it would be interesting what will happen to the pre-operative difference in c-peptide response in the two different groups. I am looking forward to updates on this study.
        Good luck!

  • bertjanpottervanloon schreef:

    Nice presentation !

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