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Adipose Tissue Biology

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  1. Marleen van Greevenbroek 26 november 2020 bij 17:27- Antwoorden

    what is in the lipid mix (e.g. FA profile, phospholipids, other lipids)?

    • I. Morris (Utrecht) 26 november 2020 bij 17:36- Antwoorden

      Hi Marleen,

      We used a commercially available lipid mixture from sigma, which was comprised fatty acids (2 μg/ml arachidonic and 10 μg/ml each linoleic, linolenic, myristic, oleic, palmitic and stearic) and cholesterol.

  2. 26 november 2020 bij 18:07- Antwoorden

    Nice work Imogen! Do you also know what the effects of the lipid mix are directly on the iNKT cells?

    • I. Morris (Utrecht) 26 november 2020 bij 18:18- Antwoorden

      Thanks Rinke!

      Indeed here we have focused on the lipid loading of adipose and its effect on subsequent crosstalk with iNKT’s. However, of course it goes both ways, and considering that iNKT’s are substantially diminished in obesity, I would suspect a longer incubation with lipid mixture, as we did for the adipose, would have the same outcome.

      • 26 november 2020 bij 18:24- Antwoorden

        Thanks! Do you know if the effect is also reversible? So kind of starving the adipocytes after treatment with the lipid mix until they reach TG levels of the non-treated adipocytes followed by exposure to the iNKT cells?

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